iDMX powered by SAP BTP®

It is a new Architecture that will Accelerate your Digital Transformation with a New Vision for Data and Infrastructure. iDMX will harness your Data ensuring data quality that will speed up your business processing and reporting adoption.

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Key Features

Start working with IDMX that takes care of almost all types of master data such as Material, Vendor, Customer, Bill-of-Materials, Routing, GL Master, Profit Center, Cost Center

Industry add-on for Retail,Manufacturing,CPG & Pharma

Restful API based Standard Connectors

Multi tenant-based cloud Architecture

Workflow Approval & Dashboard Reporting

AI/ML Based Exception handling & Auto Approvals

Data Harmonization

Standard RPA Provided

Mobile App Support for add, change and approve

Client Use Cases

  • Fashion Handbag - Pre-boarding using Supplier Portal
  • Apparel Wholesaler & Retailer - Pre-validation before the creation of Sales Orders. POC in progress
  • Wire Manufacturing - BOM & routing support in addition to Standard MDG Material & Customer

Process Coverage

  • Single and Mass Create Processing
  • RPA Driven Request Creation
  • Auto Approvals and Rejection
  • Workflow Based eMail Notifications
  • Clean API Replication with SAP®
  • Audit and change logs
  • Data import and export with Excel

Common Data Problems

Manual entry with Excel

Missing workflows and approvals

Continuous data changes across the organization

Controlling the data quality at the entry points

People dependency causing human error

Multiple Stakeholders for each data element makes it harder to organize and maintain data


  • Ensure consistency of look and feel of SAP® applications and cloud architecture by building on top of SAP BTP®
  • Lean Governance using Workflow
  • Manage Data Quality at the point of entry
  • Enforce data rules, standards and automation
  • Clean and easy to use screens
  • Single source of the truth
  • Dashboard visibility to data and processes
  • Mobile application support for today’s workforce

Intelligent Data Management Express (IDMX)

To Solve the mentioned Business problems, McKinsol created iDMX as an approach for out of the box Data Management across multiple data domains.

  • Single source engine for CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) providing Data Governance, Automation using ML/AI capabilities.
  • A hub and single source for all object data, ensuring all destinations are harmonized
  • iDMX is the solution to harmonize the brands and geographies and bring transparency and greater flexibility.
  • Supports for S4/Fashion with API architecture