iDMX Powers Life Science with Generative AI

Connected Data Platforms Powers Life Science Organizations to Operate Effectively & Efficiently with higher degree of accuracy.

iDMX Generative AI (Gen AI) has the potential to contribute to various aspects of power science, including power generation, distribution, and management.

Business Consulting Services for Life Sciences Industry Data

The Business Challenge:

The healthcare landscape is shifting. Traditional models of businesses are disrupted with personalized medicines, vaccines, smart devices and wearable devices.

Constantly evolving healthcare companies are trying to deliver better patient outcomes and creating unique customer experiences whilst managing the higher cost of manufacturing, narrowing margins, expiring patents, shallow product pipelines and strict compliance that differ from country to country. This needs a constant need of efficient data management and execution.

Big Challenge: Delivering Seamless Customer Experience without Connected Data is Not Possible!

Other challenges it leads to

  • Disconnected Customer across channels
  • Insufficient or non-trackable ROI for various R&D initiatives or projects
  • Categorization of products and needful focus to market segmentation
  • Inconsistent Product Master leads to inaccurate results at various touch points and reporting thereby inaccurate planning. It has a ripple effect
  • Data security and privacy issues
  • Constantly changing master data needs because of various pandemic issues or otherwise

iDMX Suite. A fast track solution deployment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and distributors

Fast Track Service

8 Weeks


Powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Logic & Intelligence

Powered by Blockchain + AI (Custom)

Life Science’s Data Managers must reimagine their data strategy, processes and technology landscape to drive innovation and improve data quality realizing the true value of data at a faster pace than ever. The driver of all this, the data transformation.

Result: The existing business is “Data & Digital Transformation”. Now let’s focus on Innovation with the attractive features Gen AI based dashboard with voice command !!

iDMX Generative AI for Life Sciences Industry

The iDMX cloud-native master data management SaaS platform is one of the most advanced in its microservices based architecture and delivers a powerful, secure and high customer experience for connected master data that enables our clients better understand their customers and their constantly changing industry needs.

It is the most robust Next Generation MDM solution for the life science industry. iDMX is equally powerful providing a connected master data platform which provides you a single source of truth for data and dynamically supports the changing needs of the business.