"NeuVays is a software consulting based out of USA & an having an offshore development partner company based out of India and promoted by McKinsol Inc to service growing demand of emerging technologies and custom application development needs of clients"

At NeuVays, we have established dedicated teams for various emerging technologies and other custom software development. Our affiliate McKinsol, a premier SAP Silver Partner, established in 2008 in New Jersey, USA is focused to SAP Implementation Services & Annual Maintenance Support.

Our team of experts from various streams such as ecommerce development, mobile application development, cloud solutions, business applications etc. work together with a single goal to deliver a seamless experience to our clients for their needs of software development, product development or annual maintenance support.

With the recent quantum leap in technology, the organization has set up an innovative laboratory geared towards emerging technologies. NeuVays is poised and has been positioned to help businesses have an edge in today's competitive marketplace.

We build and deploy cutting edge technologies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain, for your business to thrive and outpace competitors. These solutions make processes in your company seamless, great insight into critical business areas, increase in productivity, and labor efficiency. Businesses can leverage on NeuVays Consulting groundbreaking innovations, and unprecedented new age technologies platform for a 360 degree turn around in business growth and customers satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in dedicated practice established under the umbrella of a dynamic consulting company. In our quest to ensure that our customers remain relevant in business through endless opportunities entrenched in emerging technologies and offshore factory model, we are still at the core of innovations at Mckinsol Consulting.

Considering the knowledge gap in industries and the need for professionals with in-demand skills, we provide in-house training and development to breed resources . NeuVays has an innovation lab, and parades experienced independent experts hired to specialize in building a center of excellence (COE). Our team of innovative minds are keen to make your organization maximize revenue and gets return-on-investment through adoption of new age technologies.

We live in a fast-paced world driven by advanced solutions that are set to disrupt the marketplace. It is imperative for a forward-thinking company to embrace innovative technologies to remain relevant in business today and in the coming years.

NeuVays Consulting collaborated with other leading and established companies such as SAP and Ui to meet our customers' expectations and reposition businesses. We have a few products in development such as inventory tracking at a retail store. Our press release comes up soon.

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Our Goal

NeuVays will be unique solution trainer who will be providing training technologies, its application in business concepts with all possible ways by demos, practice sessions, projects, and many more ways…. NeuVays, where vocation and training join hands to make the future brighter"